Sunday, February 7, 2016

I'm Back and with a FREEBIE!

What's up, Y'all?  OH MY GOODNESS!! I have been MIA for one year and one month! I can't even begin to tell you what happened.  Once I completed my internship and masters things went into a tailspin.  I had no time to breathe after that.  I packed up my belongings and my classroom, put them in storage for my move from Columbia, SC to Chesapeake, VA. Then I went into full drive to find a job.  It took me exactly 45 days, but in between the waiting I was stressing wondering what was taking so long.  School had not gotten out yet in VA, so their focus was not hiring teachers at the moment.  The second week of July 2015 was a very busy time for me.  The first two job interviews that I went on offered me jobs that very same day.  I was so happy!!  I was no longer under pressure to find employment.  Mission accomplished.  I was hired for as second grade teacher in a Title 1 school. Virginia is not a Common Core state, so it was almost like starting all over again.  The transition from SC department of education to VA department of education wasn't too bad.  I am now well into my second year of teaching in VA.  But now in third grade. I am now officially a Virginia blogger.

So as you can see, I have not had time to blog or create new products for my TN store.  I hope to get back into the swing of things now that I have stepped out on a limb and opened up a Teachers Pay Teachers Store, Facebook and Instagram pages.  I am also waiting on my blog makeover.  I have one product in my Teachers Pay Teacher store and it is a FREEBIE.  Tell me what you think. If you download it please leave feedback.

I am now seeking an admin position for the 2016-2017 school year.  I have applied for an Assistant Principal position.  Wish me luck!!

I'm out!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Currently....and I'm Done!!

What's up Y'all!! Can you believe that it is already April?  So that means it's time for  Farley's monthly currently!!
Here's mine...
Don't you just love the early morning silence?  That's the time when everyone is still sleeping and you have  few hours of peace and quiet.

I'm loving that after a longggggg 23 months, I am finally finished with my Masters of Education in Administration and Leadership.  The icing on the cake is that I passed the praxis exam when I took it back in July 2013.  WooooooooHoooooooo!!!

Thinking that now that I have my life back I can get back to blogging on a regular basis and begin to put all the ideas in my head down on paper and create some great products for my TN shop and maybe even venture out and open up a TPT shop!

Wanting SPRING BREAK!!! No explanation needed!!

I'm needing some serious sleep!! I have been running on empty for the past two years trying to get my masters completed.

My work hours are from 7:15 to 2:45...but most of the time I don't leave until I after 4.  My last day of school is May 30!!

I'm Out!!!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Read Across America Door Display!

What's Up, Y'all?  In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday we had to decorate our door to represent a book by Dr. Seuss.   I choose The Cat In The Hat.  My students responded to the writing prompt:
 "What Would You Do If Thing 1 and Thing 2 Came to Visit You?"
This is how I originally had it, but we couldn't put anything on the wall, so my Team Mate put the rest of them on my door for me.  Thanks Allison!! You are the best!!

The students received some books and then the school had a tour of doors.  How did you celebrate Read Across America?  I would love to hear how your ideas.
I Hope you Had a Marvelous Monday!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let it Snow....S'more!! Another Snow Day!!

What's up Y'all!!  I'm finally back!! Sorry to have stayed away so long, but I was taking care of business that took precedent over blogging and creating new products.

Those of you that live in the state of South Carolina know that it very rarely when it does happen everything comes to a grinding halt! It literally shuts the town down.  It started snowing on one side of town and they called early dismissal yesterday at the last minute and I was home by 12:30.  So now I am enjoying my SNOW DAY!!  Two weeks ago we got some snow and I was off for two days!!  So in honor of another snow day I created a snow treat for my kiddos!!  I was suppose to make these as a treat for my students after our snow unit, but I never got around to doing it.  So I thought this would be a perfect day to make them for my firsties.
Snowman Smores
I know you won't be able to get the Peeps snowmen now but you can save it for next year!! 
Click on the picture to grab a copy of the treat topper.
I'm out!! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am so THANKFUL for each and every friend and follower.  Enjoy your time with your family and friends. We all have so much to be THANKFUL  for.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

What's Up Y'all!! Yes!! I K.N.O.W.! I have been MIA. I have decided that I am not going to beat myself up about not blogging when time constraints dictate other wise.  It is not that serious!! I'm just say-in !!

Well it is already September...and of course that means it is time for Farley's monthly Currently.
Here is mine...
I am listening to one of my favorite movies "Drumline." 

I'm loving that Wednesday is my last class until October 30 when I start my internship, which goes until February 4!! My very last class mid Feb to complete my research class.  Then graduation in May!! Can I get a Woop Woop!!! 

I will finally have 2 months to get some products done for my Teachers Notebook store.  So many ideas in my head that I have not been able to get done. Yeah!!

I want a new car! But you know what...I love the fact that I don't have a car note right I guess I'll wait.  That will be my graduation present to myself!!

I will be moving in October and I really need to start packing.  I did the items that were on my coffee table, because I wanted to use it to put my back to school bags together that I will give my kiddos on Thursday for our Grade Level Parent Meeting/Open House.

3 Ways that I am going to do to LOVE/CARE for myself more are:
1.  Take back my weekends!! I vow to not take a bunch of school work home anymore.  I will work a little longer during the week to get grading and lesson plans done at school.

2.  I worked out diligently this summer...I have to get back to my 2 mile run on  a regular is definitely a stress reliever!

3.  I will plan a mini trip real where you ask!! I'm not telling!! That's my secret that I will keep to myself!! Ha!

Well my friends...I'm Out!!  Enjoy the remainder of your Labor Day!!