Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Currently!!

WOW!! It's already April... So you know it's time for Farley's from Oh Boy It's 4th Grade Monthly Currently.  

I have been MIA for the past week because I have been enjoying my spring break!! I had every intention to blog every day, but needless to say that did not happen!! Oh well!!

 Here I am with my my April Currently...

Each morning I am awakened to the sweet sound of birds chirping outside my window. As the sun bursts through the cracks of my drawn curtains I can tell it is going to be a beautiful day...Do you ever just take the time to listen...?

As my spring break sadly comes to an end, I am loving the fact that I will have exactly 39 working days left in the school year.  Now don't get me wrong...I love teaching, but you know we all just have those days where you think "REALLY"...!

This Easter season had me thinking that I am so glad that JESUS got on the cross, bled, and I died from me!!  That's LOVE...could you have done it!?!

I am wanting and needing another week of spring break! Enough said!!

My advice to everyone is DO YOU!! Don't try to live up to anyone else's views or expectations! Do what makes you happy! I am!! 

I'm OUT!! 
Have a  Sensational Saturday!


  1. Love your advice Crystal! Glad your Spring Break was so nice. We go back Monday as well and as hard as it will be, it will be one day closer to the end! Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. DO YOU... love that! Perfect advice!:)