Monday, October 29, 2012

Descriptive Writing

Each teacher at my school was given a certain amount of money or an item to use to create a creative lesson. I was given $2.50. What better way to get students creative juices flowing to learn about adjectives than with food. Well that is exactly what I did!! First I had the students describe themselves using a cute activity from The Mailbox Magazine, then I used "Let's Get Poppin' With Adjectives" by Abby at The Inspired Apple.  (I fell in love with this activity when I found it on Pinterest last year and I knew I wanted to do it with my students). So I made popcorn in the microwave, so they could see, smell, touch and taste the popcorn.  Then they wrote about the popcorn.
So for my creative lesson I purchased a bag of candy corn and had the students use their senses to describe the candy corn. I had the students brainstorm a list of words to describe the candy corn after they observed, smelled, touched and tasted the candy. They then used descriptive language to write about the candy corn.

My kiddos had fun munching on popcorn and candy as they learned.  What fun ways do you incorporate food into your lessons? Share some of your fun activities.

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  1. Great choice on the candy corn!! LOVE me some candy corn!
    Glad to have found you!! I'm your newest follower.
    Growing Firsties