Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing In and Eating Dirt!!

Did your parents used to tell you "Don't play in dirt?" Mine sure did!!  Well, my kiddos had a blast playing in dirt.  One of our Science Units is Earth Features (Rocks, Sand and Soil).  We use the FOSS Kits and the AIMs Earth Science Unit.  We started our unit investigating rocks (apparently I did not take any pictures of them doing their rock investigations)...
but they did create a 
Rocks, Sand, Soil and Silt Book
(Which consist of taking a brown piece of construction paper and three pieces of copy paper and folding it in half hamburger style and stapling...My school is heavy on students creating authentic artifacts, so we create a lot of books and mini books in my class).

We then investigated sand...

Next, we investigated soil/dirt..

Then, we created these:  Layered Book of Earth Features
This activity comes from  the AIMS Earth Science Unit
This is a great activity to work on listening skills and following directions!!!
We ended our Rocks, Soil, Sand and Silt Unit by making and eating "Dirt." 
(In  2005 I did an internet search for some ideas and came across making edible dirt...I no longer have the source for this original idea way back in 2005 so thanks to the person who posted this idea years ago for making dirt.  I have been doing this activity way before Pinterest came along...therefore I have not infringed on anyone's  ideas).
I followed the directions for making 1 box of jello chocolate pudding.  I made 4 packs of jello chocolate pudding, which I probably only needed two boxes, because I had a lot left over.  I then added the whipped cream and mixed well.  I alternated between the layers of pudding and crushed cookies.  The adorned the top with the gummy worms and WALLAH...Edible dirt!! Yummy!!
I gave each student one Oreo cookie in a baggie to crush for their topsoil.  They were so excited!  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the students enjoying their dirt.  By the way it was very good!!

Well, I'm off  to wrap up my grading and finalize my report cards!!
Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!!


  1. Can I send my report cards over to you?! I dread even thinking about them right now! My kiddos loved this Foss kit as well. I love your mini book and layered book. I'm going to have to remember them for next year! Have a great week!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for stopping by!! Sorry, can't do the report card thing again...ask anything else!! lol