Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Plant Fun-Exploring Inside a Seed and a FREEBIE!!

We are still exploring plants.  On Monday my students looked inside a seed.  We soaked the bean seeds overnight (note to self-NEVER-EVER-EVER-EVER soak over a weekend-they stunk smelled so bad, but my kiddos were troopers and endured the smell to dissect their seed).  They discovered what is outside and inside a seed and had to label the parts of a seed.  My little scientist got a kick out of taking the seed apart!!  
Observing the seed with a magnifying glass.

They had to label the parts of the seed after they learned about the different parts. They also had to write about what they found inside the seed in their "Inside a Seed" booklet.
We used these cute: Watch-it-Grow Window Green House from Lakeshore to plant seeds in a bag the next day.

The wrote about the steps it took to plant their seed in a bag, using the transitional terms first, next, then, last or finally.
By Friday many of our seeds began to grow and they filled out their growing bag log.
Now for the FREEBIE!! If your students study plants and you want your students to create an "Inside a Seed" booklet here a copy of the patterns.  You can print the booklet on white or tan card stock or construction paper, attach 5 pieces of paper and staple along the side.  Have students cut them out or you may want to cut them out in advance. 
Click on the picture below to grab a copy.  I included a copy of both a small and large pattern.
Enjoy what is left of your Sunday as we all prepare for the new work week!!


  1. I love the little greenhouses. Very cute!

    1. Hi Delighted,
      Thanks for stopping by!! The good thing about the greenhouses is that they were already in my classroom when I came to the school and I still have another set and they are reusable.